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If the theater is not destroyed in the future, Het Toneelhuis and the citizens of Antwerp have the task of breathing life back into the sleeping giantess by making modern work in the historic space.
Although The Pebble, as a title, masks the sensuousness of the woman in the painting, Magritte's Giantess [La Geantel (1931, figure 5), bears the same title as Baudelaire's sonnet, [La Geante] (34), who, in the poem, is a very big curvaceous woman.
station on my little green couch, I met a giantess by the name of Anna
Sultan roared, holding out his arms as if to embrace a giantess of Felliniesque proportions, "I like
The 38-year-old is used to wearing unusual costumes, having played the alien cult hero Predator in Alien Vs Predator and even giantess Madame Maxine in the fourth Harry Potter film.
giantess grafted with Betty Boop, like a device in love
Consider the example of Brucarinda, a lovely giantess featured in Ruy Paez de Ribera's unpopular continuation of the Amadis, known as the Florisando.
Sawney Bean the Cannibal, Ayrshire SHE was a giantess who made Scotl a n d from r o c k s h e brought from N o r w a y .
The book opens with an ad for the movie Nigwe, whose subtitle--The Revenge of the God--gives no clues as to why there is a menacing giantess on the cover with breasts so huge they need to be propped up by two strapping manservants.
A bridesmaid, a kindly giantess, held hands tenderly with a little boy wearing an ivory-colored suit.
The players' physiques bear this out: They range from plump to beanpole to giantess, and all use what they've got.
On his way, Thor stops to visit the giantess Grid and learns of Geirrod's plot against him.