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The name Gibberish hasn't just been plucked from thin air, either.
He then presented what an ideal column would be for the spirit of the times and continued the rest of his column in gibberish.
If we had to rely on this gibberish nonsense you would be forgiven for thinking 'have I missed something', and the reason is that the author hasn't bothered to interpret anything at all.
Anyone reading his writings would see them as gibberish.
Gibberish is a meditational technique that claims to reduce the stress and decrease unnecessary thought currents, termed as "flooding of thoughts", which hampers learning process.
Summary: Katy Perry has recorded a version of her hit song Last Friday Night in the gibberish language of The Sims, Simlish.
If you've never played a Mario game before, that probably sounds like gibberish - and rightly so.
The days of aliens spouting gibberish with no grammatical structure are over," says Paul Frommer, who created Na'vi for Avatar.
If you try to read a program as if it were all alphanumeric characters, the result would be mostly gibberish.
Not infrequently, the result is gibberish, or pigeon English.
I just sit there, I make up songs and sing to him in gibberish, I'm very good at gibberish now" - Sir Elton John on his baby.