gibe at

See: jape
References in classic literature ?
The maids looked at one another and laughed, while pretty Melantho began to gibe at him contemptuously.
But Minerva would not let the suitors for one moment cease their insolence, for she wanted Ulysses to become even more bitter against them; she therefore set Eurymachus son of Polybus on to gibe at him, which made the others laugh.
com/nickiminaj/status/492001633258065920) tweeted , "Racism is alive and well," said to be a gibe at fellow rapper Iggy Azalea, who has been (http://www.
The cameo will be a gibe at Simon Cowell, as Cheryl will portray the character of a TV talent show judge with Diaz playing a contestant.
Except for the occasional gibe at my expense, they respect my opinions even if they completely disagree.
Weinstein's analysis here--especially his gibe at the pro-choice movement--is certain to alienate many feminists.