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The two lead actors look like they are having a blast and their giddiness is infectious if slightly at odds with an abrupt shift in tone in the disturbing final act.
I have been suffering from chest pain and giddiness for the last one year
William and Kate are expected to encounter much of the starry-eyed giddiness they are used to, along with a hint of nostalgia recalling a 1992 visit by the late Diana, Princess of Wales.
She is the film's heroine, and Banks' restrained giddiness when she outwits Landry is worth the price of your movie ticket.
With a long career as a journalist to draw upon, many of her anecdotes involved anvil-weight name-dropping - Richard Curtis to Benedict Cumberbatch if you please - but her giddiness and enthusiasm means they were welcome, not obnoxious.
Dr Mohammad Nasir suffered from giddiness and vomiting but he had started recovering after taking medicines.
Bay state pop-punkers A Loss For Words have a sort of giddiness that gives the band's particular brand of hard rock a buzz of sorts, a vibrancy that keeps everything light and sort of joyous, with songs such as "Stance,'' "Honeymoon Eyes'' and the somewhat more somber "Mount St.
Srikantadatta complained of giddiness and fell unconscious around 2 pm.
7) with only tinnitus, 1 case (20%) with tinnitus and nerve deafness, all 3 cases (100%) with giddiness and 3 cases (60%) who had giddiness with nerve deafness.
The girls developed common symptom such as abdominal pain, head ache, vomiting and giddiness after they were served sambar rice and eggs.
HOLLYOAKS (Channel 4) NANCY has a spring in her step, happy about the drugs test and keen to prove everyone wrong, but with Sienna lurking, you can guess Mrs Osborne won't be ending her week with the same giddiness.
13 HIGH Society is like the theatre equivalent of vintage Veuve Clicquot - comfortable and familiar, but with enough bubbles to give a giddiness to the proceedings.