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SAGITTARIUS Nov 22- Dec 21 Impressing a senior at work will not pose much difficulty, given your gift of gab. Fellow colleagues will agitate you but avoid getting into pointless arguments.
But you don't have to be born with the gift of gab to become an expert communicator.
Jeff had the "gift of gab" and would talk to anyone about anything for hours.
The "gift of gab" is conventionally thought of as a good sales trait but good salespeople ask smart questions and listen more than talk.
He didn't mention your "gift of gab." He just said to focus on them and solving their problems.
"He had the gift of gab and he had the ability, perhaps, to use a little shame on people so they would come forward and do better than what they'd been doing," said Daniel, a noted writer and historian.
His newest album, King of Features, boasts some of the illest emcees and producers in the game, including: Black Thought, Alchemist, Gift of Gab, A-Plus, Lyrics Born, Aceyalone and The Artifacts (to name a few).
Has gift of gab & huge cross-club respect @JARVOB @creights5 all the best Mark great player and personality at our club!
His godly gift of gab and flawless resonant baritone have been captured in celluloid silver tracks
Weitz confers his engaging gift of gab on this semi-catatonic hero, Topher Grace plays him with boundless charm in heimer Trip Cullman's inventive production, and love interest Olivia Thirlby gives him reason to live.
19) You have the gift of gab, the golden touch and that certain je ne sais quois, Aqueerius.