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Joining DJ Z-Trip for roughly two dozen dates are Aceyalone and Gift of Gab, both of which appear on All Pro, the CD of remixes, mash-ups and original material that DJ Z-Trip produced for the game.
Many know Gift of Gab from his critically acclaimed hip-hop work as one half of the duo Blackalicious and a third of the Mighty Underdogs.
Those younger than the legal drinking age have three main shows to choose from: Marv Ellis and Gift of Gab at the McDonald; Medium Troy and many other guests at the WOW Hall; and Samba J[sz] and company at Cozmic Pizza.
GIFT OF GAB Agbonlahor can do a job for his country
She was blessed with the gift of gab, telling her travel stories and sharing her finds with her friends, children, and grandchildren that she loved so much.
Rival Russian-Armenian gangs were at war and Gyulnazaryan, a beefy 40-year-old family man with the gift of gab, wanted some people killed.
In their view, humanity's gift of gab derives from genetically sculpted brain circuits devoted to basic grammar and word skills.
Depending on your time slot, your ability to move merchandise and your gift of gab, bonuses can push that amount well over the six-figure mark.
Intel is sponsoring the Gift of Gab promotion as a way to demonstrate how audio and video calling are optimized when using PCs powered by the Intel Core 2 Duo processor.
Renowned entertainment/celebrity blogger Necole Bitchie served up her gift of gab via live Twitter and Facebook posts from the exclusive party.
It has many guest musicians, including Gift of Gab from Blackalicious.