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Volume 2 may be more guest-heavy, Gift of Gab said in an interview with Exclaim.
But one thing is certain, regardless of who you are, you'll be impressed with Joe's shooting skills, card tricks, and his general gift of gab
His gift of gab soon caught the attention of his superiors who gave him a sales position, marketing training and a territory reaching from Huntsville to Fort Frances.
acknowledges that the gift of gab and a knack for sales both contribute to his success, he believes his biggest asset is the experience he had selling real estate prior to starting his business in 2004.
1 Awkward situation: The person seated next to you on a trip has the gift of gab, and you don't particularly want to talk.
Winfrey's international following (just give her a few years), but the two do have at least two things in common: the gift of gab and the prophetic ability to know what people want before they know it themselves.
All is well until her father's gift of gab gets her into trouble, saying that Bertie could construct an elaborate gown overnight from scratch.
She discovers it's being co-run by the owner's partner Max, who has the gift of gab but little style knowledge.
SANTA BARBARA -- Sam Cassell is well-versed in the gift of gab.
Anytime we brought someone in the office to meet the President, because he had a zero gift of gab, you literally had to have a few sentences, buzzwords, thoughts, so he could start a conversation with this person.
To help avoid the pitfalls of consortia life, members use the gift of gab.