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Giftedness can be demonstrated by a variety of behaviors and in many different domains; thus there is no "typical" gifted individual, nor can any group of gifted students be considered truly homogeneous.
In every other aspect of the education system they teach to the kids, but in gifted they expect the student to sit still and do nothing while they teach other kids," she says.
If the spouse gives or sells any part of his or her income interest in the QTIP property, he or she is treated as having gifted the entire QTIP property, except for the income interest.
Furthermore, like other educators who may be unaware of complex affective concerns of gifted students, school counselors may have attitudes and biases that preclude trusting relationships, and therefore effective work, with them (Peterson, 2006b).
In light of the interplay between the SOL and the adequate disclosure rules, taxpayers should submit a qualified appraisal, even if they believe that the value of the gifted interest is under the annual exclusion amount, to ensure that the SOL expires.
2503(b) annual exclusion for the gifts, arguing that they were present-interest gifts, because the gifted units had rights identical to the units the Hackls retained.
Moreover, identifying gifted students with learning disabilities for placement in appropriate educational programs can be problematic because of the ambiguity of the definitions for giftedness and learning disabilities (Hannah & Shore, 1995).
Other tax attributes of the gifted asset may be transferred to a donee as well.
The Stinson court determined that the shareholders would have an immediate right to use, possess or enjoy the property gifted only after (1) a corporate liquidation or (2) declaration of dividends; the former would require approval by a shareholder majority, while the latter would require approval of a director majority.
situs assets, including intangible assets that could have been gifted tax free prior to death.