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Country: Lebanon
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I meet a man 3 years ago in UAE.over the years I gave him a lot of money. as well has he got some jewelleries from me. in July we got married under Islamic law. I live in UK and he is in Lebanon. All 2-3 month i fly out. He finally send me an fax where he admitted to have taken money from me as a loan. He promised me to give it back to me end of December. I still did not get my jewelleries.I am flying out to Beirut on 28/12 for 8 days. If he does not pays me back and does not gives me back my jewelleries what chance do I have to get it back. How do I go ahead? I am worried and scared.


You could indeed sue him if he  fails to pay you--
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When parents are asked to help their children financially, they frequently respond with gifts and loans.
In Flandreau, the court based its decision against the estate on the following factors: (1) the gifts and loans were contemporaneous transactions; (2) the gift and loan amounts were identical; (3) the promissory note terms were such that the decedent was practically relieved of repayment obligations during life; and (4) nothing existed to demonstrate full and adequate consideration for the loans.