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He said: "Anyone that spoke to her always had a good word to say about her, she was gigantically loved.
The story is gigantically complex, not merely as simple as, "Start here, turn there, and X marks your destination.
Stewart noted that Irish historiography was long shaped by the interest and focuses of a few gigantically influential scholars (most of them men, one of them certainly Stewart himself), but also acknowledged that railway station history was being undermined in fascinating ways from many directions.
Raffi asked me at the weekend why my belly was made from jelly, while my friend's son said he would like his Mummy or Daddy to get in bed with him and give him a cuddle but the problem was there wasn't enough room as they are both 'so gigantically fat'.
Through the twenty-seven-inch monitor, Lee sees only a portion of his gigantically blown-up original photo; the shrubs, branches, and trees appear almost abstract and unrecognizable.
Most importantly, hold on to hope, and dream gigantically.
The derogation of Catholics for their alleged over-investment in material objects--whether evident in priestly greed and corruption, in the splendor of ritual, or in the adulation of saints' relics--bears some similarity to the enduring portrayal of Jews as greedy Shylocks who, as Edgar Rosenberg writes, come "to regard the amassing of money as a gigantically distorted substitute for all other human activities," so that "gold itself takes on the power of a totem.
Du Bois loomed first, for he had first envisaged this movement and many of us knew how gigantically he had toiled.
Seeing the Swiss Alps from a train she thinks, "They knew, they smiled joyfully at the glad shock they were, sideways gigantically advancing" (IV: 21).
According to the lexicographer Gustav Schilling (1838), Kirnberger trained Schulz diligently, but also hoped to form this gigantically powerful talent into a support of his [harmonic] system.
But, just as its exports gigantically, it also imports raw materials in bulk.