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Death certainly looked gigantically down at bleeding Europe in those years.
To these now add Ceausescu's contribution to the capital - the new Palace of the Parliament, a structure so gigantically proportioned that our guide swears that no one has managed to accurately estimate how many thousands of rooms it holds.
Unless he loses all momentum, Droopys Bradley has the pace and desire to relaunch his challenge between the fourth and fifth bends, but mistakes are nearly always punished in Classic finals, and the contest could be set up for the storming finish of Blonde Blitz, who is gigantically over-priced at 16-1.
GILGIT, September 18, 2010 (Frontier Star): Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) prices increased gigantically in Gilgit city as a result numbers of tea stalls and hotels have been closed in the city owing to increased prices of commodities.
Talking to media on Tuesday, he said that MQM was the creation of dictatorship and MQM used to flourish gigantically during military regime, thats why MQM leadership is inviting military to over throe an elected regime.
The affectees also pointed out that with melting of glaciers water level has been increasing gigantically that could cause further destruction in the area, while the Gilgit-Baltistan government is resorting to dilly-dallying tactics.
IT WAS a concert of bookends: two gigantically descriptive works surrounding a Mozart piano concerto.
Because unless you understand the Japanese as mortal members of planet earth like the rest of us, there is no way to explain why Japan's economy is starting to lean like a potential Titanic; why its top national leaders sometimes act like goofballs; why its sizzling ice skaters (even a champ like the celestial Mao Asada) sometimes fall on their butts; why even their gigantically talented baseball players, like the great Godzilla, Hideki Matsui, the 2009 World Series Most Valuable Player, can whiff; why living-legend symphony conductors like even Seiji Ozawa can forget to give a poor exposed oboist a proper cue; and why gas pedals even in Toyotas can stick like used-Singapore-chewing-gum and cause unwanted acceleration.
Jenson is a gigantically worthy Formula One world champion and he would be a supremely worthy BBC Sports Personality of theYear.
This lasted one day until he happened to look aside and so saw behind him the incredible length of outrageously curved dangling leg and the bare section of thigh between dress and stocking-top looking as gigantically and profoundly naked as the dome of an observatory.
He's young, pleasant, gigantically talented and has massive potential.
From a playing perspective, he has a slight edge over his cohort (by slight I mean like really, really gigantically huge).