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GUILD. A fraternity or company. Guild hall, the place of meeting of guilds. Beame's, Glanville, 108 (n).

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In his fascinating book on the Men and Names of Old Birmingham (1864), Toulmin Smith revealed that in its last years of existence the Gild "being musical, had an organist, William Bothe", who had "a handsome salary.
The GILD Software Engineering Aptitude certification exams are taken by thousands of graduates globally each year.
"The GILD Talent Report is our contribution to the industry to highlight the best pools of talent available across India," said GILD CEO, Sheeroy Desai.
It is clear from wills that bequests to gilds, in common with those to the church, were made in the hope of salvation from purgatory and in the assurance of a properly conducted gild funeral with sung masses and prayers for the soul of the departed.
GILD is a next generation professional social network for people in the technology industry.
The four-feet-long parchment roll is a record of the accounts of the Pater Noster Gild for 1399 to 1400.
When fillies strike form at this time of the year, they are worth following when making a quick reappearance and this should be the case with Gild (4.30).
The outer gilded coffin has left its tomb for the first time since it was found in 1922
Blah Blah Blacklist at Gilded Balloon Teviot from July 31.
mural celebrating a NoMad icon and the history of the neighborhood during the Gilded Age.
Two of the artworks on display The exhibitions combine the Arabic gilded calligraphy in a unique way.
Astor, an Old Money heiress of the first order, became convinced that she was uniquely qualified to uphold the manners and mores of Gilded Age America.