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GUILD. A fraternity or company. Guild hall, the place of meeting of guilds. Beame's, Glanville, 108 (n).

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John Colleshull, John Goldsmyth, and William atte Slowe were allowed to assign to the proposed Gild 18 messuages (houses), three tofts (plots at the back of buildings), six acres of land, and 40 shillings of rents, in Birmingham and Edgbaston.
The Borough of Birmingham paid pounds 50 for the licence and the Gild of the Holy Cross then built its hall - with its clock and chimes - at the bottom end of New Street, where the Odeon now stands and where King Edward's School used to be.
Mr Boler will be managing director of Gilds, while Mr Cordner will take on the role of sales director.
Entrepreneur Mark Boler - to become the managing director of Gilds
The women of the London Gild who ran the most successful breweries were married women, who could use their husband's legal independence and commercial credit to benefit their business.
But she also casts her net wide to take in gild records, administrative documents at every level of jurisdiction, and literary and artistic documentation.
These provincial gilds were established not, as commonly supposed, to regulate various trades but rather with a social and religious purpose, as their dedications suggest.
It is clear from wills that bequests to gilds, in common with those to the church, were made in the hope of salvation from purgatory and in the assurance of a properly conducted gild funeral with sung masses and prayers for the soul of the departed.
It seems that it was granted but was not acted upon, so a decade later, the bailiffs and the commonalty of the town of Birmingham themselves sought a licence from the Crown to found a Gild and perpetual fraternity "of brethren and sustern" in honour of the Holy Cross.