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GILL. A measure of capacity, equal to one-fourth of a pint. Vide Measure.

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One notable marking is the blue or black "ear," which is actually an extension of the gill cover.
These appetitive components include saturation of body coloration, erection of the opercles, or gill cover, orientation and movement characteristics (Simpson, 1968).
However, the fossils don't include an operculum, or gill cover, that would have protected the delicate structures and moved oxygenated water across them.
Dorsal rays XIII,17 (last divided to base); anal rays III,18 (last divided to base); pectoral rays 16 (upper two and lowermost unbranched); pelvic rays I,5; transverse scale rows from upper end of gill opening to base of caudal fin 43-45; scale rows above lateral line to origin of dorsal fin 9; scale rows below lateral line to origin of anal fin about 20; lateral line in two sections, the anterior part extending from upper edge of gill cover to below level of posteriormost dorsal fin ray containing 37 scales and the posterior part containing 7 scales along middle of caudal peduncle; transverse scale rows on opercle 7; gill rakers on first branchial arch 5 + 12, total rakers 17, the rakers short and stubby, much shorter than gill filaments; vertebrae 10 + 14.