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And Liverpool's executive member for education, Cllr Keith Turner said: "It does sound like a gimmick and I doubt whether it will encourage many to want to read.
For budding young rockers, yeah, it's probably good to have a gimmick.
The greatest gimmick of all was used by John Payne as Vint Bonner in The Restless Gun.
While the gimmicks were memorable, the film he is best remembered for is "Rosemary's.
Some will say it takes a gimmick to sell a book, but this is less a gimmick and more a useful tool.
But the power of his campaign doesn't come from a gimmick, however appealing.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Nov 23 (ANI): Former Additional Solicitor General (ASG) Vikas Singh on Thursday said Congress cannot befool people in the name of Patidar reservation, adding that it is a political gimmick.
Right after Lady Gaga successfully reinvented herself, the latest tweak and twerk on the traditional concept of stellar 'beauty' have just been effected by the even more radically different singer, Sia-whose unique gimmick is the total obliteration of her face, which is hidden behind a huge wig.
Nokia Middle East launched its anticipated smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 1020, with a sensational marketing gimmick on Tuesday that saw its vice-president Tom Farrell skydive down at The Palm Jumeirah with the sleek model attached to his helmet.
They are not just a gimmick or an unsustainable or kneejerk promotion.
It's a neat gimmick but that's where the innovation begins and ends.