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Councillor George Duggins, cabinet member for education on Coventry City Council, said: "Tory education policies are just gimmickry rather than actually looking to do something good for education.
The funny thing is, Chardonnay doesn't need a lot of gimmickry.
Guingona -- head of the opposition People's Power-National Union of Christian Democrats, the party of former President Fidel Ramos -- said the nation is in disarray and people have lost faith in government due to crime, corruption, cronyism, gambling, gimmickry and the distorted sense of honor and moral values that pervade it.
We were concerned that some people were using, if you will, gimmickry to hit the numbers as opposed to managing the business and letting the numbers fall where they should.
Industry attorneys charge the Brooklyn decision was spun on word gimmickry and the reading of one legal clause in isolation.
France's Compagnie Amoros et Augustin's Senor Z, on the other hand, displayed the lazy and callous gimmickry of what I call the (ever-growing) Blue Man/Brady Bunch genre of theatre - an hour-long melange of shadow play, sound effects and projections of figurines on scrims, Senor Z was intended to mimic a televised cartoon on stage.
By proposing to reduce the corporate loss carryback provision from 3 years to 1 and increasing the carry-forward provision from 15 to 20 years, the Administration is resorting to the very budget gimmickry that it itself recently decried.
The author attributes some of accounting gimmickry and shenanigans to the flexibility of GAAP.
Election-year gimmickry substitutes for thoughtful fiscal policy.
Often these questions are raised with the expectation that tax incentives, shelters and gimmickry are still part of our tax system ("Give me that hot new idea to make a big cut in my taxes
The best cut is the title tune, which is, thankfully, somewhat unburdened of all the electronic gimmickry, allowing Summer's voice to shine.
It is exactly waht its title says: authentic gypsy flamenco, unadulterated by other dance forms and presented without gimmickry or show-biz tricks (there is not a comb or a castanet to be seen in this production).