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Instead of focusing on the fundamentals, what we see today are marketing gimmicks.
YOU can't beat a good gimmick to make an otherwise tedious board game seem interesting.
Learn how much state spending exists outside of the general fund budget, and routinely examine capital and other budgets for overspending and gimmicks.
The car, despite fine exterior styling, strays dangerously close to gimmick with its cheesily named moods.
If there's an inference from Asda that it's a gimmick, that's certainly not true," he said.
They do gimmicks and they entered politics through gimmicks and wish to establish their party.
His latest gimmick of linking the minimum wage to average earnings demonstrates how economically inept he is.
Strawberries and cream are tasty but still feel like one of the biggest gimmicks around, right up there with 3D, cereal bars and bottled water.
We all seem to have an ability to be sucked into gimmicks.
By following the footmarks people can dance a jig to the bar (not funny, but gimmicks never are).
Gimmicks are what count and nobody does them better these days than McCartney and McQueen.
What he prefers to give us now is a cleverness that draws upon external gimmicks or is simply an embellishment on the dancers' everyday lives.