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A CAREERS service boss has dismissed plans for a card allowing young people to win points for volunteer work then swop them for entertainment as a gimmick.
Basically, a band has two choices--get a gimmick or find a way to make a sometimes-stale musical genus fresh again.
McQueen's biggest gimmick was to persuade every teenage girl to adopt the bare midriff and builder's bum look.
Sometimes he came up with the gimmick before the movie," says Castle, adding that she and her childhood friends often served as gimmick guinea pigs.
2001] by Alice Gibson, my feelings is that it is very sad that American publishers are always dreaming up new gimmicks.
While some managers have been caught up in an early burst of enthusiasm, gimmicks will never Lake the place of value-added services, caution some of the experienced voices from traditional industries.
What he prefers to give us now is a cleverness that draws upon external gimmicks or is simply an embellishment on the dancers' everyday lives.
Next to gimmicks, trends are a reporter's best friend.
Alexander has nothing but gimmicks, some of them ideas, some of them - red-and-black shirts, walking across New Hampshire - simply stunts.
No Gimmicks, No Ads, No SPAM, Just Accurate Personality Assessment
Next to redefine stellar beauty in a major way is Lady Gaga, who a scant decade ago was dismissed as a plain Jane who did her best to distract attention from her flawed features by shocking onlookers with gimmicks galore, like 'extraterrestrial' costumes, outlandish props, bizarre make-up-and performance outfits made out of animal flesh.