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Grammy fashion hit every note from high to low to completely cuckoo Sunday night, with some nominees barely recognizable under all their gimmicky garb.
I'm allergic to the more commercial, gimmicky way of presenting ballet.
Using all those styles and drum beats may seem a little gimmicky to some, but don't forget that you actually have to enter chords on the keyboard to make them work.
There's nothing gimmicky in WTC View, just something very true and very fine about who we all are--gay and straight--and the way we live now.
THE DARK AGE: GRIM, GREAT & GIMMICKY POST-MODERN COMICS is for any who want to learn about the notorious 'Dark Age' of comics.
Enhanced with the photography of Kathy Vogleson, The Dark Age: Grim, Great & Gimmicky Post-Modern Comics by Mark Voger offers a cornucopia of information on writers and illustrators of comics and graphic novels in a kind of "film noir" tradition.
Urban Habitats was a young, gimmicky name," Hakimzadeh said.
Provoking the sour rejoinder from the school of the deliberately restrained that it will lead to a silly, gimmicky, valueless architecture.
Perhaps the difficulty of seeing one of Bechtle's typical street or automobile paintings as anything more than a gimmicky photo-based imitation of painterly technique--a Shazam
This is another elementary book about color with a gimmicky design.
would have been nice, too, but this is a useful book, despite the gimmicky title.
With all the celebrity hype recently and shows like Popstars and Pop Idol, we thought it was a good, gimmicky idea.