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Then she came close to the side of the dead man and kneeling upon the floor felt gingerly of the body.
The dog continued to look, and, as we edged gingerly past him and up the veranda steps, he turned his head and kept on looking.
He was edging his way gingerly around the corner of a precipice where the upper edge of a sharp declivity of ice-glazed snow joined it.
Very softly I gathered it up, and making one end fast to the bronze ring in the prow I stepped gingerly into the boat beside me.
The big fellow, who was known among his mates as Black Michael, tried his leg gingerly, and, finding that it bore his weight, turned to Clayton with a word of gruff thanks.
Following the tracks of Gahan and Tara they found that though each doorway had been approached only one threshold had been crossed and this door they gingerly opened, revealing to their astonished gaze the four warriors at the jetan table.
Phil gingerly lifted the stone she had put on the box.
So I was dismayed to see the Irish and French fans pre-match on Sunday morning gingerly picking their way around discarded bottles, dumped fast food wrappers and piles of sick splattered on the pavement.
covering of the white stuff One motorist was seen taking in the wintry view over the moors while a lone cyclist gingerly made his way over one of the roads.
The country has millions of barrels cooped up in storage awaiting shipment, but to prevent a freefall of prices, Libya will only let out the oil gingerly.
After the animal was tranquilized by a department biologist, it was brought down and local firefighters gingerly cut the jar off its head.
Summary: Heather Watson, making her way back gingerly after a bout of glandular fever, slid out .