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In the simplest form the teeth are not affected, however the dystrophic types often display malformed teeth due to enamel hypoplasia, early caries development, and gingival inflammation due to plaque accumulation.
Moreover, for most of these patients, most authors find a positive relationship between the severity of gingival inflammation and the quantity of clinically visible (high PI and high GI) bacterial and calcific deposits.
Previous reports have showed in inverse relationship between salivary thiocynate and gingival inflammation and plaque [3,4].
The researchers concluded that even though this inflammation and bleeding may resolve after delivery, it is important to treat gingival inflammation during pregnancy.
We hypothesized that chewing gums containing PYCNOGENOL[R] might have an effect in reducing or minimizing gingival inflammation.
Heightened gingival inflammation and attachment loss in type 2 diabetics with hyperlipidemia.
In addition, information on their oral system, tooth brushing habits, presence of oral prosthesis, former diagnosis or family history of periodontitis, tooth loss, gingival inflammation, and oral hygiene was also collected.
Women in the study had true periodontitis, not just "pregnancy gingivitis," a more common condition in which pregnant women are a little more susceptible to development of plaque, bleeding, and mild gingival inflammation.
Comparative analisis of low level laser therapy and conseravative therapy of gingival inflammation.
Acute vitamin C deficiency itself does not cause gingival inflammation, but it causes hemorrhage, collagen degeneration & oedema of the gingival connective tissue.
The Clinical PRO-HEALTH SYSTEM for Gingivitis helps break the cycle of gingival inflammation and gingival bleeding for improved oral health in patients with mild to moderate, persistent gingivitis.
on plaque adhesion and consequently on gingival inflammation and it is safe and