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Not only is SCRS now representing sites in 22 countries, but within just 6 months of launching its GIP program, to have more than 20 GIP partners is affirmation that these companies are showing their commitment to the sites.
GIPS VoiceEngine Mobile offers application developers, service providers and hardware manufacturers the ability to effortlessly build solutions that offer HD voice, while simultaneously overcoming network impediments.
The tools are interoperable, so the GIPS IP WorkBench can be used to send traffic and record actual network behavior.
investment management industry, GIPS compliance and verification have long been considered requirements for firms to be included in RFPs for institutional asset mandates," said Heath Wilson, co-founder of eVestment, "For larger, more institutionally oriented asset managers, adherence to GIPS standards has been part of the compliance fabric for some time.
Dispersion and Risk Measurement PART THREE: Reporting and Maintaining Compliance with the GIPS Standards CHAPTER 6.
GIPS is a member of the Intel(R) PCA Developer Network, Motorola Design Alliance, Symbian Platinum Partner Program and Texas Instruments' third party developer network.
Achieving GIPS compliance demonstrates our continuing commitment to service, performance and integrity," said Argent CEO Kyle McDonald.
RADVISION's client product line which includes our Multimedia Terminal Framework (MTF), SIP and SIP IMS developer's suites, our 3G-324M toolkit and 3G VT Application will all benefit from GIPS high-quality media processing engines.
GIPS's technology provides high quality, real-time audio and video over an IP network, and we're looking forward to working with the GIPS team at Google to continue innovating for the Web platform.
Support for HD is available for GIPS VoiceEngine Multimedia, which enables two-way video communications, as well as GIPS ConferenceEngine Multimedia, a server-based conferencing framework which enables multi-party video conferences.
Mobile VoIP Driving HD Voice Proliferation, LG Electronics To Offer Superior VoIP Quality with GIPS HD Voice for South Korean Service Providers