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Inrush current is the magnetizing current that creates during switching of unloaded transformer on gird (Kelemen, 1997).
I think the scribe wants for gird to complete his cliche.
He said four new grid stations would be constructed in Faisalabad, including one grid station near GTS Flyover, second near Steam Power Station, third in Aminpur and fourth near Jaranwala Road gird station.
Some three weeks back, militants killed Najibullah and Amir Gul, the agriculture department officials, in Siah Gird district, Agriculture Director Zalmai Shahid told Pajhwok Afghan News Saturday.
He said that three electric feeders from Haryana gird station would cater the need of electricity in Dadozai.
It's a tough start, but we've a big heart, Even if it is Arsenal, Then and only then can you see the light, gird your loins For the fight, It's the Mackems, second match in, we just have to win, See you there in the Stadium of Light.
30 Start your engines, smooth your leathers and gird your loins - it's Belle Vue Aces versus Coventry Bees 7.
I'm A Celebrity is a perfectly placed, three week slob-out before you have to gird your loins and throw yourself into the crank-up for Christmas.
WORLD Touring Car champion Andy Priaulx has it all to do today in the WTCC races in Zandvoort after a mistake in qualifying that cost him a top-three position on the gird.
That didn't happen, however, and barring a major dose of practicality, corporate taxpayers should gird themselves for a potentially bumpy filing season.
20, 1971, titled "Catholics Gird for Fight Against Abortion Reform.