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GIRD, established in 1996 by a group of environmental and social activists, works for the protection and promotion of a healthy, natural environment.
Given that changes in internal rotation exist as normal adaptations, however, it is unclear how much GIRD the clinician should accept as normally adaptive vs.
Inrush current is the magnetizing current that creates during switching of unloaded transformer on gird (Kelemen, 1997).
London, gird your heart, This company is not playing around,' he shared.
Some three weeks back, militants killed Najibullah and Amir Gul, the agriculture department officials, in Siah Gird district, Agriculture Director Zalmai Shahid told Pajhwok Afghan News Saturday.
The report said that the attackers easily stormed the gird station and returned after kidnapping four people.
30 Start your engines, smooth your leathers and gird your loins - it's Belle Vue Aces versus Coventry Bees 7.
I'm A Celebrity is a perfectly placed, three week slob-out before you have to gird your loins and throw yourself into the crank-up for Christmas.
Traditional games include the World Gird 'n' Cleek Championships, where an iron hoop (the gird) is driven by the cleek or handle.
20, 1971, titled "Catholics Gird for Fight Against Abortion Reform.
Bush has told us that we must gird ourselves for a long, drawn-out conflict in which all activities will be measured by their usefulness in combating terrorists of "global reach.
Potrzebie Dance Project is creating a "Failure Fund" to gird the production of risky work; Sara Wilbourne's Talk/Dance/Talk: Writing Dance encourages viewers and performers to report on dance through two workshops and an improv performance.