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Irus began to be very uneasy as he heard them, but the servants girded him by force, and brought him [into the open part of the court] in such a fright that his limbs were all of a tremble.
He said nothing; he only girded on his sword, wrapped himself in his cloak, and went straight to Buckingham Palace.
And at these words, which he finished sharply with a nervous and terrible laugh, the young man girded on his sword, took his hat from the trunk, fastened to his shoulder a black cloak, which he had worn during all his journey, and pressing the two hands of the old man, who watched his proceedings with a look of anxiety, --
The young man was sad; he clasped his cuirass slowly, and slowly he girded on his sword.
1 : to encircle or fasten with or as if with a belt or cord <Her waist was girded with a purple sash.
0, girded with data encryption and authentication, mitigates mobile security challenges such as security breaches and data leakage while allowing enterprise administrators to manage security for handheld devices from a single console.