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A head-to-head with Sturtevant's work, for one, compelled Hill to question history and to negotiate interior structures, the immaterialities and invisibilities girding things, which find partial analogy in his use of the dynamic quality of glass to instantiate shimmeringly what is not there.
Eight months before the election, only one party seems to be girding for this particular fight.
European Union (EU) drinks importers are girding themselves for the imposition of heavy duties on a range of United States fruit juice exports, after the World Trade Organization authorized EU retaliation to American protection of its steel industry, erected in breach of global trade laws.
Through "Root Women," "Conjure Woman," "Shadow Man," and other projections of memory and pure imagination, the poet practices "disremembering" a history plagued by violent oppression, girding the spirit against the painful past.
But girding his work is a nexus of ideas on the soul -- which, unlike most of us, he takes the trouble to define, if not in its form, then at least by its functions, of which he says there are four: to keep one grounded, to connect to all life, to tell the truth, and to pass along the vital gift of life.
IT MIGHT sound a little bit like David girding himself for a battle with Goliath.