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That meant Pakistan still had a substantial chase on a pitch offering huge amounts of assistance to the bowlers, and they will be girding themselves for what could be a nervejangling fourth day.
Most intensive, and successful, is the treatment of Henry Vaughan, with its suggestion that by the end of 1650 Vaughan was girding up again for sedition.
But girding his work is a nexus of ideas on the soul -- which, unlike most of us, he takes the trouble to define, if not in its form, then at least by its functions, of which he says there are four: to keep one grounded, to connect to all life, to tell the truth, and to pass along the vital gift of life.
IT MIGHT sound a little bit like David girding himself for a battle with Goliath.
The opposition parties are already girding for a power struggle.
We have come to take the pitfalls for granted too, girding ourselves with back-up systems, surge controls and virus protections.
The nation's 97,000 convenience stores are girding up for expected increased sales on Dec.
Spare a thought for the Dewsbury bell ringers who are girding their loins for Christmas Eve.
CELL MATES Today, phase-change-memory developers are girding to take on flash memory.
Convergence, 2000-2001, includes bits and pieces from hundreds of strip malls, fast-food outlets, gas stations, and big-box retailers along the Washington Beltway, that cloud of consumerism girding the national capital.