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saga individuals that emerged from the girdled branch was higher than that of the secondary colonizers (Table 1).
Fruit set of girdled branches increased significantly, possibly due to accumulation of carbohydrate in the upper part of girdling.
While conducting monthly trapping to measure density and distribution of the rodent populations for demographic studies of meadow voles (Longtin and Rose, 2012) and hispid cotton rats (Green and Rose, 2009), we observed hundreds of volunteer loblolly pines that had been partially or completely girdled to a height of 15-18 cm, consistent with girdling by rodents.
The girdled trees become attractive to the beetles, so that they leave other trees alone.
Already hundreds of these girdled snails (Hygromia cinctella) have been spotted over the past few years in five counties across Wales - from Denbighshire to Pembrokeshire.
All over Europe, the fringes of suburbia are blighted by the dreary apparatus of industry--undecorated sheds and dour offices in glum lots girdled by sterile acres of parking.
3), when the first flower opened at the target node, the main stem was girdled by electrically heating a bare 0.7-mm diam.
SHARP-EYED Samantha Taylor has a place in scientific history after spotting a rare Alien Girdled Snail in her back garden.
One statistic highlighted that over the past five years ESB network technicians could have girdled the earth with the 350,000 kilometres of electricity lines they have refurbished during that period.
That's why he and his colleagues left the soil in their 900-square-meter test plots untouched but girdled the trees.
Bark stripping on a local scale could be severe; at some sites 3/4 of the total circumference of all stems was girdled. Mortality was significantly correlated with amount of girdling (y = 49.759x + 12.555, [r.sup.2] = 0.51, P < 0.0001).