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But as the court heard the case, 181 trees were felled in September because these were either dead or dying from girdling.
Cotton rats have been suspected of girdling pine trees for some time (Meanley and Blair, 1957), but an experimental study showed cotton rats failed to damage year-old pine seedlings in eastern Texas (Harvey and Packard, 1967).
Branch girdling and oviposition biology of Oncideres pustulatus (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) on Acacia farnesiana.
Studies had evaluated the effect of girdling on the structure of plant communities (Caraglio et al.
Girdling the stem and removing the top of the plant photosynthetically isolates the targeted node(s), making it possible to study pod and seed set as a function of the assimilate supplied only by the leaf at the isolated node(s).
Since girdling was highly irregular in shape and difficult to measure exactly, an estimate of the fraction of circumference girdled was made.
However, 181 trees were felled in September because these were either dead or dying from girdling.
A: It could be girdling root, soil excavation, mechanical injury or something else.
1995 and 25 July 1996 (Essex) an individual node (sixth node, where unifoliolate node is node one) on the main stem of each plant was isolated by girdling the stem below the node and removing the portion of the plant above the node.
Along the length of this 65,000-km chain girdling the globe, the seafloor spreads apart to form new ocean crust.
Girdling is a process that kills trees by peeling off the trunk's bark to stop nutrients from circulating.
State Big Tree Coordinator Robert Zahner, on a visit to remeasure the champ, found eight fires had been lit around the base, girdling the bole, the area of trunk from the ground to the tree's first major branch.