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She curled her thick dark hair to soften the way it lay against her full cheeks, although there was always something a bit incongruous about the girlishness of the effect.
The girlishness of her onstage persona was gone, and in its place a serious, articulate woman.
Too brainy for mass-culture girlishness but still interpellated as feminine by popular and academic culture (see the recent withholding of Canada Excellence in Research Chairs from women: all nineteen "super CRCS" went to men), women are caught between the diabolical anxieties of being pretty enough and being smart enough.
The Permission": It sometimes happens that the girl/you labor to raise ceases, just slips out/of girlishness into her own generous is//She returns not as a result or reward,/not thankfully as good,/but golden and candid and only hers//As when my young daughter, passing me, in the basement's high underground,/pats my shoulder without word or want//Just this gesture, unscripted by the cuddle/play of daughters with dads as she rushes/to the always urgent someone or thing else - //Leaving me in that brief bright/somehow, glad that this life/can seem not as it is.
Her physical frailty, girlishness, and passive submission to others' wills combines with her mystical near-transcendence of her bodily form and her healing powers to produce a strange Christ figure.
Over the last fifty years or so my appreciation for Mailer has developed, from adolescent belief (The Naked and the Dead was soldiering) and puzzlement (why so little shooting, so much mountain-climbing & what I then called girlishness & no nakedness?
Although thirty-two years of age when she left England, Patty affected an air of coy girlishness, a strategy Charles and Ellen encouraged.
I: Yeah, well it starts with that but it certainly hasn't ended with that, where you've got a sexuality and girlishness at the same time, which is creepy, on some levels, but on the other level it's .
Was it the tinge of girlishness that bothered her, the calorie-counting, the sensitivity?
But she communicates the character's unguarded nature, dissolving with moving vulnerability into tremulous girlishness upon re-encountering Ben (Victor Garber).
There are many witnesses to young Hugo's girlishness.