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GIRTH., A girth or yard is a measure of length. The word is of Saxon origin, taken from the circumference of the human body. Girth is contracted from girdeth, and signifies as much as girdle. See Ell.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Data comprised of following body measurements and milk production traits:Head length, Head girth (above and below eyes), Ear to ear distance, Mouth width, Ear length and Ear blade width, Neck length and neck girth, Body weight, Body length, Heart girth and Body depth at heart, Belly girth and Body depth at belly, Ribs sprung and belly sprung, Rump length, rump width at back and front, Rump height and withers height, Tail length, tail diameter and circumference at base, mid and end, Forelimb (sole to elbow), Fore arm, shank and thigh circumferences, Hind limb (sole to stifle), Teat length, teat diameter and teat circumference, Teat placement(distance between tips of two teats), Lactation milk yield and lactation length.
A measuring tape (HaB Int Ltd, UK) was used to measure the girths of relax and flex arms, forearm maximum, wrist minimum, chest mesosternal maximum, waist minimum, hips maximum, thigh maximum and calf maximum girth.
These cloud data software problems could also occur randomly and could represent inability to locate leg girths or in additional movement of the arms during the scan (Wells et al., 2015).
Girth Measurement- Girth measurements were made by a measuring tape with a tensionometer that applied 3 grams of force during the measurements (Vital signs model 67020, Country Technology, Gays Mills, WL).
We have to wash and dry all the jockeys' gear for the next day, all the saddles need to be cleaned and, as it's been a hot day, the girths will need a good scrubbing.
A (k; g)-cage with even girth g and n0(k; g) vertices is said to be a generalized polygon graph.
A series of anthropometric tests were carried out on each participant these included skinfolds, girth measurements, lower limb length, height and weight.
The aim of this study is to estimate body weight from withers height, body length, and chest girth measurements by using Regression Tree (RT) Method.
It towered 144 feet high, spread 70 feet wide, and sported a girth of more than 18 feet.
Instead of allowing the poor horse to run loose and cause himself more - if not fatal - injury, another handler was there to grab his bridle and hang on to him for several minutes until he could be calmed enough for the girth straps to be cut free.
As breast girths and breast plates no longer constitute part of a jockey's equipment at scale, the Jockeys' Association should surely welcome any innovation calculated to give their members added protection in what is still a hazardous profession.
Before the eastern forests were leveled, 500-year-old sycamores with girths of over 40 feet were not uncommon.