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GIRTH., A girth or yard is a measure of length. The word is of Saxon origin, taken from the circumference of the human body. Girth is contracted from girdeth, and signifies as much as girdle. See Ell.

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A measuring tape (HaB Int Ltd, UK) was used to measure the girths of relax and flex arms, forearm maximum, wrist minimum, chest mesosternal maximum, waist minimum, hips maximum, thigh maximum and calf maximum girth.
The aim of this study is to estimate body weight from withers height, body length, and chest girth measurements by using Regression Tree (RT) Method.
STICK ON: Sheepskin sidepiece BAND AID: Gerry Supple secures the brushing boots to protect Consigliere's tendons READY TO GO: The fitted saddle, numbercloth and breast girth PEDICURE: Consigliere has oil brushed on to his hoofs EYE EYE: The visor and sheepskin noseband REIN-ING SUPREME: David Pipe, the master of Pond House, gets close up and personal with various bridles in the tack room THE FULL MONTY: Consigliere fully kitted out and (inset) in action
Girth, weight, body tone and cardiovascular markers were used to assess the efficacy of this new exercise and diet combined program.
The girth of a graph G is the number g = g(G) of edges in a smallest cycle.
What counts is not the absolute size of the waist girth but its size compared with a personal standard that depends on the width of the thorax at the bottom of the rib cage and the depth of the thorax at the sternum.
Within the male dancers there were no bilateral girth differences but between company position the artists had significantly smaller thigh girths than the other positions (p < 0.
Because of better growing conditions its 36-foot girth is not an indicator of comparable longevity.
Instead of allowing the poor horse to run loose and cause himself more - if not fatal - injury, another handler was there to grab his bridle and hang on to him for several minutes until he could be calmed enough for the girth straps to be cut free.
Girth, weight, body fat %, and cardiovascular markers were used to assess the efficacy of this new exercise and diet program.
At the same time, the complexes fatten to more than twice their original girths.