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They will give additional information about wildlife living on the land and will help people identify the flora and fauna.
Throughout the book helpful sidebars titled Science Notes give additional information about concepts and facts such as the Big Bang theory, relativity and the speed of light, and more.
In the final two sections of the form, the parliamentarians and contenders have to specify important details about their assembly and region and give additional information according to their own will.
Many of the banks Fitch rates publish audited year-end IFRS financial statements and these should give additional information on asset-quality trends both for individual banks and the Turkish banking sector as a whole.
When he was seated as the Governor assistance to the PNP to combat drugs in the province is strictly given with a half million reward to informants who will give additional information relevant to the shabu lab, he stressed.
In subjects with doubtful risk, exercise stress testing can give additional information on the safety of SA.
Steelers coach Mike Tomlin told reporters at Tuesday's news conference that Shazier felt good mentally, but declined to give additional information about his physical condition.
Augmented reality technologies add a digital layer to a real-life situation to entertain or to give additional information that improves a users experience.
At the request of a colleague and friend, he decided to write another book that would give additional information and observations about those sonatas.
Each chronological chapter begins with background info on the period and points to significant passages in the letters; notes give additional information. The book also contains a McNeill family genealogy.
Blanco opened the Facebook group 'Where is Cecilia Bustamante?' for anyone who can give additional information regarding Bustamante's case.
Gather all your correspondence from the tax credits people - check if you have been asked to give additional information and get yourself prepared to make what they call a "mandatory reconsideration".