give additional information

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Sidebars and miniature maps give additional information about each different landform.
Police contacted the owner, who said her son had the vehicle, but would not give additional information.
users can simply capture a picture of a book, and Firefly will provide its title and author, give additional information about it and offer ways to purchase it.
Polarization sensitive evaluation of the interferograms can give additional information about sample birefringence enhancing image quality.
Murrell has included historical notes at the back which give additional information about life in Australia in the 1840s.
Program chairs will be able to give additional information concerning criteria for these grants.
There is a brief note attached to each exhibit, apart from kiosks, to give additional information,'' said Kerala Tourism Secretary Venu V.
The Greek authorities informed the European Commission yesterday for possible blockade at the Kulata-Promahon cross point and have promised to give additional information on the measures they will take, in order to ensure the free movement of goods, in case the border is blocked," said Charlotte Arwidi, the EC spokesperson on Enterprise and Industry.
The report said three men and one woman were killed but did not give additional information about their identities.
He declined to give additional information and said doing so could place the agency in subsequent negotiations with potential buyers.
The text is smoothly written and enriched with b/w photography and sidebars that give additional information about the sport or the athlete's tribe.
In addition to the 15 elements, Dublin Core also has 3 qualifiers that give additional information for interpretation of elements and enable it to function in an international context: