give advice

References in classic literature ?
It has been so many years my province to give advice, that you cannot be surprized, Mr.
Drummle," said I, "you are not competent to give advice on that subject.
Blush for what you have said, and take my advice, and forgive me, and marry at once in the first village where there is a curate; if not, here is our licentiate who will do the business beautifully; remember, I am old enough to give advice, and this I am giving comes pat to the purpose; for a sparrow in the hand is better than a vulture on the wing, and he who has the good to his hand and chooses the bad, that the good he complains of may not come to him.
I know it, Meg, for I've tried it, and I seldom give advice unless I've proved its practicability.
The first day - mainly for beef finishers - will give advice on feeding, rearing and finishing healthy calves.
There is no need to give advice to army and judiciary', he said this while talking to journalists outside SC.
We should not give advice by calling army Munnay ka Abba and making mention of name of judiciary .
The first seven chapters of the book overview the various roles in specialist provision and give advice on teaching, planning, assessment, and working in partnership with families and caregivers.
Khaled Ahmed Zakaria, senior section head at the civil prosecution, said, "As much as 98 per cent of those cases were settled within the definite term set by the courts", even though civil prosecutors had to process and give advice in 95 per cent of these cases as per the strategic vision and performance indices.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A team of researchers developed a method to allow a computer to give advice and teach skills to another computer in a way that mimics how a real teacher and student might interact.
Key changes to the mortgage market will include a distinction between mortgages sold on an "advised" and on an "execution-only" basis, with most future sales and variations being advised, requiring staff to be trained and qualified to the required standard to give advice.
Is someone with such a shocking record really the right person to give advice to firms with money problems?