give aid

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Secondly, let them be prest, and ready to give aids and succors, to their confederates; as it ever was with the Romans; insomuch, as if the confederate had leagues defensive, with divers other states, and, upon invasion offered, did implore their aids severally, yet the Romans would ever be the foremost, and leave it to none other to have the honor.
Even if the world refuses to give aid to Pakistan, Karachi is self-sustaining and will ensure stability in Pakistan's economy,' he added.
TEHRAN -- Chinese rescue and salvage teams will spare no efforts to contain Iranian oil tanker fire and to give aid, China Foreign minister Wang Yi said on Saturday in a phone conversation with his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif.
However, we reject the international decision to give aid to Lebanon provided to ensure job opportunities for Syrian refugees," he said, recalling that Lebanon hosts about 2 million Syrians despite all its crises.
Musad Al-Enezi told KUNA, on Friday, that this agreement aims at unifying efforts to give aid to the Syrians.
Agencies such as the Irish Mortgage Holders Association were founded to give aid to people being strangled by our ruthless institutions.
Children crying in total despair looking for parents no longer there A dog stands alone by the river muddy, bedraggled and all of a shiver The body of a man goes floating by Dead eyes staring up to the sky Across the satellites their plight was portrayed Thousands of volunteers arrived to give aid They came from countries far and wide to work steadfastly side by side To give the residents the strength to cope And let them know that there is hope.
The local authorities of Gdynia and Kosakowo intend to give aid to the company that will rebuild and operate the former military airport, expanding on its existing infrastructure to accommodate general traffic, charters and eventually regular low-fare flights.
Donors can give aid as grants or loans--if they are deemed "concessional in character" and include a grant element of at least 25%.
I totally agree that it is a ridiculous policy to give aid to these overseas nations.
The Association was founded in 1878 by 17 merchants and manufacturers who saw a need for an organization "to protect and promote the rights of trademark owners, to secure useful legislation and to give aid and encouragement to all efforts for the advancement and observance of trademark rights.
Insisting that the committee had examined the arguments for and against aid, its Chairman Malcolm Bruce said: "The test of whether the UK should continue to give aid to India is whether that aid makes a distinct, value-added contribution to poverty reduction which would not otherwise happen.