give an address

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References in classic literature ?
Give an address, and have some one there to answer questions.
And oh, Marilla, the minister is going to take part; yes, indeed, he is; he's going to give an address.
The handover ceremony will begin Tuesday at 3PM EST (Wednesday 9AM Fiji Time), at which point the Prime Minister will give an address formally accepting the chairmanship.
Dino Liburd, 28 - who did not give an address in court - also faces the same charges.
4 : a formal speech <The president will give an address at the ceremony.
LEVY BOARD chairman Rob Hughes will give an address on behalf of the racing industry at a memorial service for Chris Deuters, the board's deputy chairman and a former president of the Racehorse Owners' Association, at 11.
I would send a copy of this email to Digital UK but they do not give an address on their brochure.
While perusing the fine exhibits, visitors were invited to listen to Botta give an address that explored the relationship between architecture and the concept of memory.
Wales Management Council chief executive Christopher Ward will also give an address.
Headmistress Elaine Brook and the sisters of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus will give an address.
Any person under consideration to lecture, present a workshop, give a retreat or otherwise speak or give an address on faith and morals on diocesan property" needs approval of the bishop, it says.
Gregory, a law firm director, who will give an address titled "Subcontract Roulette: You Signed What?