give an answer

See: respond, return
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I do not understand 'going anywhere,'" said Don Quixote; "explain thyself more clearly, Sancho, if thou wouldst have me give an answer to the point.
However, in the electoral exaltation, the authors of the book forgot to give an answer to few important questions.
As we near Remembrance Day, we can know God will give an answer of peace to all who grieve, and to all still involved in conflict.
Minister of Labor and Social Policy Xhelal Bajrami on Sunday refused to give an answer on how far are the preparations for adopting the rulebook on the status of the NLA fighters and their families.
1 : to form an opinion or give an answer about from little or no information <Guess what I got for my birthday.
If I dare to speak this name joyfully, lost to every trace of shame, he may give an answer.
Engage the student in dialogue Instead of asking students to just give an answer, encourage them to explain their understanding of the material and how they arrived at the answer.
Why is it so hard to give an answer on whether and who signed a travel order.
Irish sweeper Aaron Black, who has attracted interest from Inverness, is keeping his options open while keeper Ludovic Roy will give an answer by the weekend.
The purpose was to give an answer which in itself was true.
The problem is that important matters will not be debated that should give an answer as to why Macedonia is constantly at the bottom of countries with foreign investments, why we have a bad infrastructure, corruption etc.