give an estimate

See: evaluate
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Police have yet to give an estimate of the number of attendees in the party's rally held at the grandstand of the state-run Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology.
The personalised statements, which people will receive on request, will give an estimate of what they are likely to receive, based on their National Insurance record so far.
Mr Reilly said: "It is difficult to give an estimate of how many cards are involved."
The court ordered an expert mechanic to assess the damage to the car and give an estimate of the amount needed to fix it.
The specialist insurance market, which is made up of 85 underwriting syndicates, said it was still too early to give an estimate on the bill from the Japanese quake and tsunami.
He has refused to give an estimate to Parliamentary officials of the value of a rail pass handed to him by a company running trains from West Yorkshire.
But you can never say for sure, only give an estimate of odds.
The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale is a rating used to give an estimate of possible property damage and flooding expected along a coast when a hurricane strikes land.
I have tried to see if anyone could give an estimate of how many trees in a thousand on average might exhibit figured grain, but can't.