give an example

See: exemplify
References in classic literature ?
In order to keep clear of a false position, we had perhaps better give an example of what we mean; and probably the intelligent reader will soon understand the difficulty.
To give an example amongst insects, in one great division of the Hymenoptera, the antennae, as Westwood has remarked, are most constant in structure; in another division they differ much, and the differences are of quite subordinate value in classification; yet no one probably will say that the antennae in these two divisions of the same order are of unequal physiological importance.
CJ asked Babar Awan to give an example of repealing or preparing a legislation for individual interest, on this he replied on the basis of majority in parliament such legislation passed.
They give an example of a family buying a washing machine from BrightHouse on a rent to own scheme, similar to hire purchase, because they can't afford to buy it outright from a different shop.
To give an example of this, a constituent in the New Laithe Hill area told me he had been refused permission to extend his property owing to concerns over traffic problems.
Give an example to our younger generation that they may follow and make a better job of it than we have.
Could I give an example, if you are caught the penalty should be a two-year driving ban; pounds 200 fine and/or six months jail; what about a licence fee of pounds 100 each year?
Give an example of when you have turned a negative into a positive.
The section where "compromised functional ability" was discussed should give an example of types of things were defined as compromised functional abilities was noted in the study.
We must all give an example of openness, dialogue and tolerance, remembering that Earth is the common home of us all,' said the President of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Russia, Archbishop Thaddaeus Kondrusevich.
LET me give an example of the way our prime minister and his henchmen operate.
To give an example, one of the thematic categories is "Theatrical Context to 1660," which is broken down into "The playgoing experience" (with ten entries, including two illustrations: Roxana's title page, and the title page of The Wits); "Theatre hierarchy, management, and records" (twenty entries); "The theatre building" (ten entries); "The stage space, mechanics, and properties" (thirty entries); "Theatre companies and patronage" (eleven entries); "Theatres" (twelve entries); "Inns" (one entry); "State regulation and court performances" (nineteen entries); "Anti-theatrical debate" (four entries); "Other entertainments" (five entries); "Theatre personnel to 1660" (forty-seven entries).