give an example

See: exemplify
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To give an example amongst insects, in one great division of the Hymenoptera, the antennae, as Westwood has remarked, are most constant in structure; in another division they differ much, and the differences are of quite subordinate value in classification; yet no one probably will say that the antennae in these two divisions of the same order are of unequal physiological importance.
Even last week, none of the insurance industry's 150 lobbyists or their legislative spear carriers could give an example of a "frivolous" nursing home suit.
Slatter went on to give an example of what is now possible through the Portal Computing Environment for Manufacturing, &uot;Maintenance personnel needing to plan work on a pump should have a single view from their computer to access the equipment database and have links to drawings and P&Ds stored in the document management system.
To give an example CMMi has 24 process areas compared to 18 of CMM and 460 practices as compared to 316 in CMM.
Journal: Can you give an example of the costs and benefits of "partnering"?
To give an example of this, a constituent in the New Laithe Hill area told me he had been refused permission to extend his property owing to concerns over traffic problems.
I'll give an example, again involving employee benefit plans: Some treasurers supervise investment programs for their pension and savings plans as a passive exercise, receiving reports from money managers, trustees, and consultants.
Earth Biofuels president, Bruce Blackwell, added, "To give an example of the level of demand, the US Department of Defense awarded a contract for over 400 million gallons of bio-diesel, yet less than 30 million gallons of biodiesel was produced domestically in all of 2004.
To give an example of this explosion in current growth we only have to look at the town of Maricopa.
To give an example of each: Hillman argues that the Mirror for Magistrates is politically conservative (78).
We must all give an example of openness, dialogue and tolerance, remembering that Earth is the common home of us all,' said the President of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Russia, Archbishop Thaddaeus Kondrusevich.