give an example

See: exemplify
References in classic literature ?
In order to keep clear of a false position, we had perhaps better give an example of what we mean; and probably the intelligent reader will soon understand the difficulty.
Any one of these characters singly is frequently of more than generic importance, though here even when all taken together they appear insufficient to separate Cnestis from Connarus.' To give an example amongst insects, in one great division of the Hymenoptera, the antennae, as Westwood has remarked, are most constant in structure; in another division they differ much, and the differences are of quite subordinate value in classification; yet no one probably will say that the antennae in these two divisions of the same order are of unequal physiological importance.
Emil Karanikolov, Minister of the Economy: I will give an example with the mining sector, where at present the texts of the law are supposed to lead to the disassembling and assembling of the machines that work down in the galleries to take place outside, to fill with fuel, again to disassemble, and to get underground again to work.
CJ asked Babar Awan to give an example of repealing or preparing a legislation for individual interest, on this he replied on the basis of majority in parliament such legislation passed.
To give an example, an imported pack of potato-chips, which is of much inferior quality than those made in India, costs Rs139 for a 134gm pack.
"It's no way to give an example to young ones, taking their stickers away for your own benefit," the mother of one student told local media.
Allow me to give an example. On March 22, the price of gold bullion stood at $1,613.40 an ounce on the international market.
To give an example, I attended the Katherine Jenkins Concert at the City Hall.
They give an example of a family buying a washing machine from BrightHouse on a rent to own scheme, similar to hire purchase, because they can't afford to buy it outright from a different shop.
To give an example of this, a constituent in the New Laithe Hill area told me he had been refused permission to extend his property owing to concerns over traffic problems.
To give an example, shooter A may show an average of 1.30 seconds for ten reloads.
Give an example to our younger generation that they may follow and make a better job of it than we have.