give an explanation

See: elucidate
References in classic literature ?
We have seen in the last chapter that the species of a group sometimes falsely appear to have come in abruptly; and I have attempted to give an explanation of this fact, which if true would have been fatal to my views.
Earlier this year they also parted company with manager Scott Rodger, but the group are yet to give an explanation for the split.
The US embassy and the EU office did not give an explanation for the absence of their representatives in the Parliament.
Doctors said they couldn't give an explanation for this phenomenon since the 12-year-old girl isn't suffering from any known disease.
dpa reported that the court did not give an explanation for its ruling, which was in response to a lawsuit filed by a law professor at the state-run Helwan University.
The home minister must give an explanation," BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar said.
Mr Callely said he was entitled to give an explanation to constituents but acting chairman Paddy Bourke said he had no right to do so and adjourned the sitting.
At a Proceeds of Crime Hearing before Sunderland magistrates yesterday, the man failed to give an explanation for the cash.
A total of 88 out of 108 agents failed to provide an EPC and 41 agents said they believed the certificate was not necessary, or just could not give an explanation about why no EPC was available.
Paton has refused to give an explanation to the "unusual"
Of the 11 participants who correctly answered the doctor/mother question and incorrectly answered the coin/die question, two of them indicated a misunderstanding of the instructions to the "game" for the coin/die problem, four did not give an explanation, and the remaining five gave answers indicating that everything was equally likely.
Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi said regarding Hashimoto's intention to give an explanation to the Diet panel, ''I think he has thought well about having a chance to give an explanation himself as he (is a big figure) such as to serve as a premier.