give an inkling

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News that retailing empires are a new fad with the present corps of spiritual gurus should give an inkling of the business acumen of the genre doling out 'peace' and 'love' as a commodity.
We will watch the surveys that give an inkling of how businesses and consumers are 'feeling' - aka 'spending'.
The opening overs did not give an inkling of what was to come later as Steve Pennock blasted two straight sixes in the first four balls he faced.
The team formation in Saturday's game against Uganda could therefore give an inkling as to Libya's starting line-up next Saturday.
NREAPs give an inkling of what renewable energy technologies member states plan to use in achieving the individual, and binding, renewable energy targets.
It will also give an inkling of the voting pattern in the state's Muslim-dominated constituencies.
His observations are illuminating and perhaps give an inkling as to why the British are traditionally unsuccessful at his chosen game.
The not-to-be-named person in your own household, who was niggardly with praise and chewed 32 times on his mashed potato and steak alike, without a change in his expression to give an inkling of whether he appreciated the effort you put into the meal, proved in the fullness of time that (to your relief) he didn't praise, but didn't criticise either - and that led you to experiment with creativity away from the kitchen stove.
Scruton's chapter titles give an inkling of the contents of this book: "How I Became a Conservative;" "Stealing from Churches;" "Sleeping Cities;" How I Discovered Culture;" and "Returning Home.
Apart from those, there were near-misses by Hamman and Berger and a number of might-have-beens to give an inkling of Liverpool's domination.