give an inkling

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Many examples feel like the weight of white wine on the palate, but the red fruit aromas and flavors give an inkling of their red grape origins.
Below are few highlights from the research report on global canola oil, which can give an inkling to the report details
The first few months of operation would give an inkling of its financial viability.
The IPR research on manifestoes might give an inkling of why parties without a chance of governing issue manifestoes.
But it does not say how many of the 70 percent satisfied are 'somewhat' or 'very' satisfied; nor does it give an inkling as to how many of the 17 percent undecided would say they are satisfied or dissatisfied if the interviewer had probed a bit further.
News that retailing empires are a new fad with the present corps of spiritual gurus should give an inkling of the business acumen of the genre doling out 'peace' and 'love' as a commodity.
We will watch the surveys that give an inkling of how businesses and consumers are 'feeling' - aka 'spending'.
The opening overs did not give an inkling of what was to come later as Steve Pennock blasted two straight sixes in the first four balls he faced.
The team formation in Saturday's game against Uganda could therefore give an inkling as to Libya's starting line-up next Saturday.
NREAPs give an inkling of what renewable energy technologies member states plan to use in achieving the individual, and binding, renewable energy targets.
It will also give an inkling of the voting pattern in the state's Muslim-dominated constituencies.
His observations are illuminating and perhaps give an inkling as to why the British are traditionally unsuccessful at his chosen game.