give an interpretation

See: elucidate
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Delegates were invited to pick a number and give an interpretation of their chosen anterior eye case.
The DDA should not lose sight of the fact that the officers and jawans of paramilitary forces such as the Border Security Force are constantly engaged in an important duty for the security of the nation, at tremendous risk to their life and, therefore, attempt should be to give an interpretation which is compassionate, benevolent and largehearted and does not discourage the persons who are engaged in rendering such valuable services to the nation," Justice Jain said.
One person might give an interpretation of a text and another present a different interpretation.
The new ombudsman may give an interpretation of the provisions and small print of a contract with a financial institution, like a bank or insurance company.
Are we going to bring everything to a standstill because people give an interpretation of what happens at St Andrew's in their way.
This is achieved by reviewing all public decisions issued by the court and selecting the relevant legal findings that give an interpretation of the basic rules of the Court; show how a specific basic rule is concretely implemented by the court; clarify a point of law of general importance with respect to international criminal law, international humanitarian law, or international law of human rights; or are otherwise meaningful with respect to international criminal justice.
Since Stern does not claim to give an interpretation of the Philosophical Investigations, so much as an introduction to Wittgenstein's treatise, this book is rather Stem's version of the prolegomena to reading it in a way that can hope to engage the text successfully.
All this led him to give an interpretation of moving truth and profundity to the great themes of the Incarnation, the Fatherhood of God and the Motherhood of Mary.
Although, according to the holy scripture, demonic possession can occur, Jewish rabbis exclude the phenomenon and give an interpretation different from that of Christian theologians.
She wants to see a common terminology adopted and would also like the EU to give an interpretation of the concept of "the child's bests interests".
He argues that it would be a mistake to try to give an interpretation of intuitionistic logic based on the notion of 'truth'; instead, he proposes the notions of 'problem' and 'solution to a problem':
The Go theorem amounts to a consistency constraint on interpretations, one which suggests that to give an interpretation is to specify a preferred determinate observable.