give approval

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A power purchase agreement had been sent to CPPA Board for the approval two months earlier but Board could not give approval even after two months and project has to face a major financial loss while Federal Secretary for Water and Power Younus Dhaga is Chairman of the CPPA Board.
We all know that Kirklees Labour party councillors like nothing better than to give approval for development all over the place.
The Board will also consider and give approval to the recommendations of the Universitys Academic Council which earlier met and gave approval to the recommendations submitted by the Joint Board of Faculties and Board of Advance Studies and Research.
Earlier, Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh refused to give approval to the program "because the drugs are deemed too experimental and, taken together, might pose a health risk to the dying men," said the Vancouver Sun.
A bankruptcy judge must still give approval to the deal in which Pacer will sell the hospital building to the city for $1 million and the city will lease the building hack to Pacer for $1 a year Money from the city's buyback would help cover the estimated $2 million cost of turning around the hospital.
Nor will they tell you that when Ivy officials brought in the $30,000, they were told that West Valley Councilman Dennis Zine refused to give approval until the school received the blessing of the Woodland Hills Community Council; or that the council was unable to deal with the issue until a later date, a date after Ivy was set to open.
Minister Tony Huntjens stated he was not prepared to give approval to the recommendations.
The land is owned by Warwick District Council and its planning committee is expected to give approval to the scheme next Monday.
In addition to park authority approval, there was also the coast guard to go through, because both rivers are navigable waters and the Ministry of Transportation had to give approval because the bridges are close to its corridor," explains Judd.
It was reported that the competition authority would demand the sale if it is to give approval to SonaeCom's proposals.
MINISTERS refused to give approval for international GCSEs in English, maths and science to be taught in state secondary schools.
According to sources, a high level meeting under the chair of chief minister Shahbaz Sharif would give approval to the recommendations of the committee.