give approval

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separate district development committees for approval of education and health authority projects while Chief Executive officer concerned could give approval of Rs one million schemes while convener and deputy commissioner concerned could give Rs 20 million schemes.
BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / Secretary General of the Ministry of Peshmerga Jabbar Yawar confirmed that the Kurdistan Region did not give approval to the Turkish troops to enter into Iraq, adding that "giving approval is by the authority of the central government in Baghdad only.
The agenda of the meeting was to give approval to sale and purchase of vehicles, computers, furniture and other office items in the light of recommendations of administrative departments of provincial and district departments.
We all know that Kirklees Labour party councillors like nothing better than to give approval for development all over the place.
1 : to give approval or permission <agree to a plan>
Earlier, Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh refused to give approval to the program "because the drugs are deemed too experimental and, taken together, might pose a health risk to the dying men," said the Vancouver Sun.
A bankruptcy judge must still give approval to the deal in which Pacer will sell the hospital building to the city for $1 million and the city will lease the building hack to Pacer for $1 a year Money from the city's buyback would help cover the estimated $2 million cost of turning around the hospital.
Minister Tony Huntjens stated he was not prepared to give approval to the recommendations.
In addition to park authority approval, there was also the coast guard to go through, because both rivers are navigable waters and the Ministry of Transportation had to give approval because the bridges are close to its corridor," explains Judd.
Ayesha Ghaus Pasha here Monday chaired 23rd meeting of Public Private Partnership Steering Committee to give approval to the project of dual road from Sheikhupura to Gujranwala, Faisalabad to Chiniot and review the bids received for GT Road Expressway from Shahdara to Kala Shah Kaku.