give assurance

References in classic literature ?
He dared not stay longer than to see her well; these several delays left him not another minute to lose; and Emma engaging to give assurance of her safety to Mrs.
The boat's crew boss also he had in, to give assurance, as was the custom nightly, that the whale-boats were hauled up and padlocked.
It would be interesting to see if the club can categorically give assurances about Murray Park and Ibrox.
He also says that the club are having their own discussions with potential investors but admits that he cannot give assurances that players won't be sold to help fund ongoing losses.
It is all very well for NHS Lanarkshire to give assurances that a package of integrated health and educational care will be available, but would that have been available if the family had not contacted the Record?
The group have also had to give assurances the swords will not be used maliciously.
Unions said after a meeting that it had been "impossible" for management in Bethesda to give assurances that there would not be future job losses.
While emphasising that "revenge is not part of our Christian cultural heritage," he nevertheless called for compensation for losses due to the violence and for Israel to give assurances against any repeat of such a "pogrom".
Abbey is one of the last groups to give assurances on its balance sheet to the Financial Services Authority under its new "realistic" reporting system.