give attention

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Well, show me this work to which you wish me to give attention.
It was a strange reversal of attitudes: Fred's blond face and blue eyes, usually bright and careless, ready to give attention to anything that held out a promise of amusement, looking involuntarily grave and almost embarrassed as if by the sight of something unfitting; while Lydgate, who had habitually an air of self-possessed strength, and a certain meditativeness that seemed to lie behind his most observant attention, was acting, watching, speaking with that excited narrow consciousness which reminds one of an animal with fierce eyes and retractile claws.
My mother, of course, had little time in which to give attention to the training of her children during the day.
But give attention while I mention one wise Yellow Hen
Talking to media here, Ahmed Chattha said that Nawaz Sharif should have give attention to poverty eradication in the country.
Different media, including radio and television stations, newspapers and Internet sites, may give attention to the issues around the World Day of Social Justice.
There is nobody in government serious enough to give attention to the voice of deprived people, said Adil.
NEW YORK: A new survey from American Express revealed Millennials will reorder the priorities in the workplace to focus on building businesses based on both purpose and profit, and give attention to employee well-being.
Moreno said that it is just right to give attention to sports development since this is one of the ways to develop the character value of the youth.
Thus, terrorism became a main charge against the Kingdom in the international media and a number of regional media, while such media organs have never considered the size of terrorist operations faced and is still being faced by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which have been very high compared to other countries, especially some Western countries, for example, where the media does not give attention comparing between the terrorist acts faced by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the media propaganda, a matter confirms that there is a political reason behind this approach of double standard and a media shortcoming in confirming facts.
This event is organised by the school as they give attention to the overall development of the students.
The Vice-President directed Wali of West Darfur State to give attention to people's livelihood and to provide them with basic services.