give away

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TorHoerman Law is teaming up with the Salvation Army, the local food bank and Lawyers Fighting Hunger to make this turkey give away possible.
Announcing the details of the award, Bhatia said: "I always managed to get a legend to give away this award and once again I have been lucky to get the consent of a great cricketer to present this award to the best performers in UAE's tournaments.
Kalyan Kankanala's second legal thriller, Pirates of Bollywood, has been listed for a free give away on GoodReads.
The Brazilian legend -now Japan coach -is worried by his side's tendency to give away free-kicks.
The Rotary Club of Monkseaton Centenary will give away 25,000 low-energy lightbulbs, worth pounds 3 each, at the Big Green Seaside Station Day, at Whitley Bay Metro Station on Saturday.
This year, Creative Capital will give away up to sixty grants at $5,000 to $20,000 each.
We're giving away Secret Sheer Dry to the first 50 readers who send their name and address to Secret Give away, Girls' Life, 4517 Harford Road, Baltimore, MD 21214.
Before heading off, he brought along a few mementos to give away.
2003 Current Anthropology, highlights what Wolf calls a stimulating contradiction: Although intense maternal sentiments typically weld mothers to their offspring, when socially acceptable alternatives are available, women often give away children they don't need.
Adams, who has launched a national organization of auto body shop owners who also give away cars during the holiday season, says, "It never gets old.
And the writers don't disclose how much of their incomes they give away.