give back

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In the midst of the chaos of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the like, Benevolent offers a chance to step away from commercialism and choose from a number of generosity-inspired Gifts That Give Back, including Benevolent Giving Cards .
Taking time to give back creates connections that lead to commissions.
Michael Mealey, who just stepped down after serving as president of the foundation for six years, told NL/NL, "We are examining the amount of administrative support we require and hope to reach a mutual agreement and what support we can give back.
I would like to help the FFA and give back in any way I can.
Donating to plant trees is a great way to give back to the environment," says Carrie Lombardi, Drum Workshop's director of purchasing.
During the past two weeks, Ruby Tuesday leveraged their Community Give Back Program to raise additional donations for the Red Cross.
From supporting Little League baseball teams, to donating food for homeless shelters, to organizing marches for cancer research, franchise businesses contribute billions of volunteer hours and dollars to give back to their communities--and we have been doing it for many years.
We are living during a time where many families struggle financially, and all of us at Gradient are proud to give back to families like the Fortes," says Tami Lucius, president of Gradient Gives Back Foundation.
Chris Kay, CEO of Blue Global Media is inspired to give back to his local communities in Arizona, and all across the world.
You can build a great business, but it's important to go beyond that and give back to the community.
When young people stay, they give back to the young people following behind them, as well as their mentors.
Gradient Gives Back Foundation and Maitland's Burgos & Brein Wealth Management Group Give Back to Families in Financial Need