give birth to

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Alan Farthing, Middleton's Ob-Gyn, was supposed to file for retirement last year, but the 54-year-old decided to postpone it so he could give birth to Middleton's third child.
It is a feeling of humanity which my aunt taught me when she helped me give birth to my five children.
The research on more than 400 women also found a perception that doctors "know best", with some preferring the decision over how to give birth to be taken by experts.
WOMEN who give birth to boys are much more likely to suffer post-natal depression, according to a study published today.
Registrar Hala Abdullah is due to give birth to her fourth baby on June 11.
Most wild pandas only give birth to seven or eight cubs in a lifetime.
The giant panda, Qing Qing, is expected to give birth to another baby shortly, according to Yu Jianqiu, vice director of the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding and Research Center.
The scenarios range from a teen fearing her parents to a married woman who doesn't want her husband to find out about an affair, but whatever the circumstances, the fear motivates them to conceal the pregnancy and kill the baby when they give birth to make what they see as a problem, go away.
Within 30 minutes, with the ambulance still struggling in traffic, the pub's barmaid helped Val give birth to a baby boy.