give clearance

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com/articles/170730/Bulgaria+Denies+Overflight+Request+to+Russian+Cargo+Aircraft+Bound+for+Syria">refused to give clearance to a convoy of Russian military transport planes which Moscow says were carrying humanitarian aid to Syria, but Sofia insists might have been loaded with weapons.
A Union of Fans statement read: "We believe the SFA have been approached to find out what would be required to give clearance for this, due to Mr Ashley's ownership of Newcastle United.
Mark Brennan, project manager, said the lines are being installed at such a height to give clearance for ships passing underneath.
Bomb disposal squads will give clearance chit in respect of routes of the processions.
Once the loading takes place AERB will give clearance for the closing of reactor, and an additional 10-15 days for the unit to attain criticality, before the power generation starts.
We had to give clearance for the aircraft to land as the priority was for the safety of the passengers and crew on board,"
that Hungary's refusal to give clearance to Salehi's plane was unacceptable
Westerwelle said Berlin would not accept Iran's refusal to give clearance to the plane.
The funeral is scheduled for this week, as soon as air tr affi c c on t rol give clearance for t h e hear se to land.
A"The long-standing regulation, which was around back when Cricket Australia was the Australian Cricket Board, means we won't give clearance to more than two players in an overseas domestic team,A" Cricket Australia's Peter Young said.
Authorities did not give clearance to return to campus before today due to air quality issues.
Just a simple thing like getting the government of Thailand to give clearance for the import of re-conditioned computers to re-equip the damaged schools is proving to be a big stumbling block.