give confidence

See: reassure
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He called for "good choice and invest the election opportunity to give confidence to those who are better and able to achieve the aspirations through vision and program and a professional and efficient team.
I give confidence in SBP's management and I'm sure they will fill it.
The first step is to try to give confidence to the players and give them the opportunity to show what they can do," said the Portuguese.
In the meantime, a declaration for all stallions that they have not been operated on and that they retired or are retiring sound of wind would give confidence to breeders and, more importantly, help the breed itself.
So I think when players give confidence to those around them, it's a huge positive.
The coach explained in a statement to the Guardian newspaper; "It is the most important club in the world, the best club on the planet, I need to feel it and this emotion is real because I could not lie, it is very difficult to give confidence if you do not believe the emotion is real, for me, today, Tottenham occupies my head hundred percent and I would not change Tottenham for any other bench in the world.
But more than anything, the 6-foot-2 forward said that all he did was to give confidence to his players as Gamboa Coffee Mix pulled itself out of a 13-point hole in the first half.
He said the government wanted to give confidence to the minorities and to portray soft image of the country for minorities.
Mohannad Al-Sanea said the bourse is thirsty for such bargains to give confidence to dealers.
Compliments give confidence, elation and wings, Negative comments evoke inferiority and all the heartache that it brings, If you can offer a few kind words, It can make a big difference in this cynical world.
Not only does calibration give confidence in measurements, but it can be essential to meet many quality and safety standards.
A quality uniform can help to give confidence and promote pride and a sense of community Respect, for the uniform, for the rest of the school rules and the teachers, is an essential part of the smooth functioning of a school.