give confidence

See: reassure
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"He's that sort of player who I'll give confidence to, I'll give confidence to all my players, I'll always give a well done.
Checking fire extinguishers is a set of operations performed by specialized personnel with the help of appropriate technical means in order to give confidence that the product is fully compliant with the functional characteristics demonstrated in the certified model and that shows operating safety.
'He is an experienced guy and knows how to give confidence to a player.
"How will we give confidence, and the authority of the state is not covering the entire 10452 km2?" he asked.
Ashfaque Hasan Khan has said that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) bailout package to Pakistan will give confidence to other international organizations to invest in Pakistan.
The House of Representatives voted in the last week of the last year to give confidence to the candidates of the portfolios of Education and Displaced and did not agree to the nomination of Faisal al-Jarba to the portfolio of the Ministry of Defense, and then the presidency decided to raise the meetings to the eighth of January./ End
The British Sunday Times newspaper quoted a British military source as saying that the army was preparing contingency plans to deploy troops in the streets, following the possibility of Britain leaving the European Union and facing chaos in the event of a vote not to give confidence to British Prime Minister Teresa May.
For his part, the Presiding Judge of the 8th Judicial Circuit Court in Sanniquellie, calls on magistrates in the county to act in ways that will give confidence to those seeking justice.
"We have to give confidence to the players and give confidence to the fans by reminding them we did it last year.
He stated the scheme announced by the PM would also give confidence to the foreign investors as well as the local businessmen.
They said the scheme announced by the PM would also give confidence to the foreign investors as well as local businessmen.
I wanted to give confidence before releasing Baaghi 2 to the director and the whole acting team and I am sure that the audience will like Baaghi 2 and help us to make part three"