give control

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However what is more reprehensible is when a councillor is elected as an Independent for Eston where the other two Eston seats go to Labour and then votes to elect a Labour mayor at the Redcar and Cleveland Council 2015 AGM, which give control of the council to Labour.
It will also give control over in-flight data, all the while avoiding leakage of data to non-reliable entities.
ISLAMABAD -- Prime Minister (PM) Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has approved summary to give control of Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government.
The second option is to give control to the Infrastructure Development Finance Company, one of the project financiers.
turn over : to give control or responsibility of to someone
BrewMETER and pulse brew give control over the extraction time adjusting the coffee flavor profile for the standard SmartWAVE models.
If passed, it would change our county's charter and give control of planning decisions to a minority of the Sarasota County commissioners.
In one, Israel would give control of Muslim holy sites to Muslim authorities, while keeping control over most of the city.
Goldberg said if the districts don't have the money to reimburse the state, they can give control of the special education programs back to the county.
Information technology "systems have to give control over distribution channels back to the airlines," he said.
A student is never more aware of pedaling than when he must pedal for someone else or must give control of the pedal over to a partner.
Steve Wilkins, recently co-wrote a booklet titled Southern Slavery: As It Was, a grotesque portrait of the antebellum South as a model "multi-racial society" filled with "mutual intimacy and harmony" between happy slaves and kindly masters; or that the group has officially denounced the idea that Christian white Southerners "should give control over their civilization and its institutions to another race, whether it be native blacks or Hispanic immigrants.