give counsel

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The mission of these people will be to observe what is happening and also to give counsel to the police if need be.
It is an independent advisory body bringing together 15 Tunisian members of academia and other experts working in Canadian universities and Gulf countries to give counsel, conduct periodic studies and analyse national and international economic indicators in an objective,accurate and scientific manner away from political wrangling," a Prime Ministry statement also quoted him as saying.
He is also required to give counsel to the Chief of Military Personnel and the Chief Defence Staff on all matters of a spiritual, religious or ethical nature.
It is quite possible to care about eternal life and also to give counsel about what happens on earth.
How can anyone think that record makes him eligible to give counsel to the genuine scholars (I hope) who would be working with him at UCLA - my alma mater?
Indemnity statement: "Although every effort will be made to give counsel based on solid Christian principles proven to be effective, neither Cyber Counselling nor any of its counsellors accept any liability for failure of counsel to be effective.
Jury verdicts should be reviewed and earlier depositions in similar cases should be obtained to give counsel an idea of where the defense expert stands before the deposition begins.
Diversity in the legal workforce would give Counsel the full range of viewpoints necessary for superior decision-making in a highly globalized business setting.
By tying together the Army, Air Force and Navy with a real-time collaboration network, Bantu has taken a big step forward in helping the military realize this vision and I am pleased to give counsel to them on this initiative.
Paul to pray for and to give counsel to women entering the clinic for an abortion.
Faro Pharmaceuticals to Give Counsel Corporation an Entry Into the Significant U.