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And I should be false and base if I did not tell you, whether it is acceptable to you or no, and whether you are inclined to give credence to it or no, that you deeply wrong both Mr.
When Tarzan of the Apes finally reached the edge of the meadowland where Smith-Oldwick's plane had landed, he took in the entire scene in one quick glance and grasped the situation, although he could scarce give credence to the things he saw.
But, then, the thought darted across his mind that it was barely eleven o'clock; and that many people were still in the streets: of whom surely some might be found to give credence to his tale.
If all these tokens are not enough to vindicate the truth of what I say, here is my sword, that will compel incredulity itself to give credence to it.
Nor, could you have read the thoughts which passed through that active, healthy brain, the longings and desires and aspirations which the sight of Teeka inspired, would you have been any more inclined to give credence to the reality of the origin of the ape-man.
Labour said Sir Richard should not be "trying to give credence to these false and ridiculous smears".
The public should no longer give credence to anything that comes from Senator Leila de Lima, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said on Sunday, as he downplayed her views as 'pathetic attempts to remain relevant.
This individual's comments give credence to the Thatcher adage that 'nobody with a conscience ever voted Conservative.
The allegations could also be an attempt to give credence to otherwise baseless allegations that have been propagated by some governments and separatist elements with the support of some international media organisations, the army official added.
It is records like this that give credence to the myth your teenage years were the best of your life.
I mean, as an atheist, presumably, Eddie has already rejected Jesus as his personal saviour, so why does he continue to give credence to the teachings of the Lord?
Her rationale is simply that she has been in the acting business for a much longer time than they have been and her contributions to the numerous dramas she took part in give credence to the fact that her name deserves to be listed first.