give credence to

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Food Industry Tests Techno-Tasters to Judge Flavor: Recent improvements in sensors, and in computer programs able to interpret their highly complex inputs, give credence to the once-discounted idea that machines may someday become the ultimate arbiters of taste.
It is read superbly by Alonso, whose young voice, Mexican accent and nuances give credence to the story.
advocates' claims that current-day evolutionists give credence to "Haeckel's embryos," inaccurate 19th-century drawings.
Your article so focuses on churches as to give credence to evangelical claims that you are anti-religious.
But let's not go crazy here and give credence to the naysayers who think the busway should be shut down.
It is always, already a luster, a chandelier, one might say an artificial construction, if one could still give credence to this signification when nature has disappeared.
For Williams, the dominant Christian tradition has tended to read into the story of Adam and Eve a "catastrophic transgression," the "Fall," in order to give credence to the seriousness of Jesus' death as atonement (p.
Given how destructive the church-on-the-scene (as opposed to the lofty pronouncements) was in my life, I can find no reason why I should give credence to the church's teaching about my gay son.
I think it is two-faced to give credence to projects such as the Continental market above our own Church Street traders, who pay a monthly licence.
To give credence to his hypothesis, Baali launches into a discussion of Arab history before and after the rise of Islam.
Catholics are not required to give credence to these "beings o flight," and you don't see many bumper stickers reading "Honk if you believe in angels.
2 seconds for element 113--are lengthy for atoms of such high masses, the findings give credence to along-standing notion that there are many so-called superheavy elements yet to be created that could prove to be much longer-lived, says LLNL chemist Kenton J.