give credit to

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This incident, however, being afterwards revived in her mind, and placed in the most odious colours by Honour, served to heighten and give credit to those unlucky occurrences at Upton, and assisted the waiting-woman in her endeavours to make her mistress depart from that inn without seeing Jones.
We have to know the qualities in our team and of course we are happy to have Yaya but we have to give credit to the whole team because we play good football and are defensively solid.
you've got to give credit to the players for the way they went after the game.
The customary elements of this long-standing wonderful series remain in place: Constable Hamish Macbeth's romantic life remains in flux, he is content to solve crimes in the little fishing village of Lochdubh in the Scottish Highlands but give credit to anyone else because he doesn't want a promotion and wants to remain there with his dog and tamed wild cat.
In a relaxed public address, Hadid avoided the opportunity to appear triumphant, choosing instead to give credit to her long-term collaborator Patrik Schumacher, and project architects Jim Heverin and Tiago Correia.
The conventional banking system was reluctant to give credit to those who were too poor to provide any form of guarantee or needed only small amounts of money to get themselves started.
YOU'VE got to give credit to Sherman Oaks activist Nate Brogin.
He'll give credit to your ideas to make you feel accomplished.
Let's not give credit to the Bush administration's hatred of us for this one.
Queen's Park is proposing a "net metering" regulation, which would give credit to customers who generate their own power from renewable sources for excess electricity.
These days, we give credit to absolutely anyone; and the only thing due is the minimum payment and our sanity.
Another thing: When you give credit to others, most people assume that you were a part of the reason for success and are just being humble.