give directions

References in classic literature ?
She went in to give directions to the cook, to say that the butcher would have to bring much less meat, that they would require only half their usual quantity of bread, of milk and groceries.
His hospitable invitation was joyfully accepted: he lingered but a moment, to give directions by which they might find his camp, and then, wheeling round, and giving the reins to his mettlesome steed, was soon out of sight.
I beg your lordship to be good enough to precede us ashore, and to give directions that everything be in proper order on our arrival.
Albert Malvoisin bowed and retired, not to give directions for preparing the hall, but to seek out Brian de Bois-Guilbert, and communicate to him how matters were likely to terminate.
She wanted to give directions that her papers should be buried with her.
I desired he would order several sticks of two feet high, and the thickness of an ordinary cane, to be brought me; whereupon his majesty commanded the master of his woods to give directions accordingly; and the next morning six woodmen arrived with as many carriages, drawn by eight horses to each.
Global positioning systems and ``smart'' maps will be merged into technologies that can show travelers, boaters and hikers their exact positions and then give directions to where they want to go.
A MAN was robbed of cash at knifepoint after he got into a car to give directions to passing motorists.
Officials confirmed that the Court of Appeal may give directions for further investigation if appropriate.
Volunteers give directions, escort patients around the hospital and answer basic inquiries.
The Navtech Spain CD works with the CARiN car navigation system to give directions for much of the country's best-travelled areas, including Barcelona and Madrid.