give dispensation

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"Mr Ecclestone agreed to give dispensation to Caterham F1 such that it could, if necessary, miss the US and Brazilian Grands Prix, but hoped that a new owner would be in a position to race the team at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
"If the SFA give dispensation to Mr Ashley to up his stake will it be irreversible and without possible future sanctions?
"In the interim, and pending the outcome of that review, I have agreed that we can give dispensation to the private hire trade to use bus lanes in North Tyneside, alongside buses and hackney carriages.
Although the transfer window closed on January 31, out-of-work footballers can still be signed up and FIFA are set to give dispensation for the former Gretna players to join new clubs.
The unions agreed to give dispensation not to disrupt funeral services, but that looks unlikely to be repeated next month.
Blues chief executive Bob Norster made enquiries after Sir Clive Woodward decided to give dispensation to Wales' French-based duo Gareth Thomas and Stephen Jones.
Bill Green, of the Amicus MSF union, said: "The firm said that if we didn't give dispensation for maintenance staff to go in, it would lay off the entire weekend shift, which is about 40 workers.