give employment to

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Quinion suggests that it gives employment to some other boys, and that he sees no reason why it shouldn't, on the same terms, give employment to you.
4 B, which could give employment to 23 000 people, are still to be licensed.
Some 142,000 teachers had been appointed during the massive recruitment drive launched at that time as part of government's twin strategy to improve quality of education in government-run schools and give employment to unemployed youths but now the entire recruitment process has come under fire after thousands of teachers landed jobs on the basis of fake degrees.
They have promised to give employment to ten crore youths.
The funds will go for job creation in the poorer Palestinian areas through small infrastructure projects that would give employment to needy Palestinians.
It is our effort to give employment to those on contract while abiding all the laws, he said while referring to various orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.
He said the state should start a major school building programme which would give employment to the thousands of workers.
The project will be unlike anything on offer in the Falkirk or central Scotland area and will give employment to hundreds of people, in addition to attracting further investment to the area.
If I can obtain a boat, it would give employment to five men and this in turn would create a number of other jobs onshore.
At the least supermarkets give employment to local workers.
Seven out of 10 employers would rather give employment to an ex-criminal than to a deaf person,' he said.
In all, these operations give employment to about 3,000.