give employment to

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The luxuries of the rich give employment to the poor, and cause money to circulate.
For the reason which such persons commonly assign, and upon which they chiefly rest, is, that the labours of the mind are greater than those of the body, and that arms give employment to the body alone; as if the calling were a porter's trade, for which nothing more is required than sturdy strength; or as if, in what we who profess them call arms, there were not included acts of vigour for the execution of which high intelligence is requisite; or as if the soul of the warrior, when he has an army, or the defence of a city under his care, did not exert itself as much by mind as by body.
Quinion suggests that it gives employment to some other boys, and that he sees no reason why it shouldn't, on the same terms, give employment to you.'
At this time, as some old readers may recollect, the genteel world had been thrown into a considerable state of excitement by two events, which, as the papers say, might give employment to the gentlemen of the long robe.
The businessmen should go there and should give employment to the people.
He said teachers have been recruited in education department through National Testing Service on merit to give employment to most suitable candidates.
During an address in Rawalpindi, Rasheed said he would step down if he failed to give employment to 150,000 people after completion of the ML-1 project
During an address inRawalpindi, Sheikh Rasheed said that he would step down if he failed to give employment to 150,000 people after completion of the ML-1 project.He said the Prime Minister Imran Khan would sign the project document on April 27.The minister conceded that inflation was rising, but insisted that 'the situation will get better.
The Governor also offered to give employment to the child's father.
"Our goal is to give employment to more than 5,000 nationals by the end of 2020," said Ali.
Giving two-hour patient hearing to the delegation, the mayor assured to give employment to 16 players and two officials in the KMC in the near future, the KHA secretary told Dawn.
He advocated that oil and gas exploration companies should give employment to natives on a priority basis.